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The SR Group is a pool of companies working together, with the same target: perform simply, precisely and concretely in the segment of purchasing products available in several sectors of the productive medical area spread around the world.
Founded in 2000, by professionals of the American retail market, it started its expansion to meet the needs brought by the new millennium; keeping a solid commercial relationship with your partners and offering time and money saving, which are valuable assets in any commercial transaction.
With great expertise in the commercial and medical logistic areas, the SR Group offers companies placed anywhere around the world the opportunity to incorporate to the American continental market in a simple and profitable way.
Also, for companies targeting the international market, we offer the acquisition of goods from other continents; and besides the commercial experience, the SR Group implements the processes of trading, transport, logistics and wants to be your DEFINITIVE partner in worldwide trading.

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Our mission is to become a trade partner in providing effective and efficient service to our clients, offering the experience and knowledge that enables a more efficient logistic and product supply. Updating our knowledge and strategic visions for new markets.

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What we offer…


Once we receive the quote, we will send it to the manufacturers or product representatives in search for where in the world is the best price and availability offered, and immediately returning to our customers in the shortest possible time.


Through our strategic alliance with Worldwide partners business (laboratories, wholesalers, distributors), we have the ability of sourcing the most cost-effective method of procuring from national and international sources.

Receiving and Inventory Management

We receive and verify the condition of all incoming products (description, quantity, packaging, temperature, validation…) in any part of the world.


From the moment the purchase is made, we choose the best way to send the product to the final customer, obeying all the safety regulations from the packing to the temperature control, using the fastest and safest means of transportation currently.


SR GROUP will follow the products once they leave its origin, notifying the clients immediately once the package reaches its final destination, nationally or internationally.

National and International

We offer specific worldwide storage for the products before shipment with the temperature and security.
We supply customers with client-specific packaging solutions, that meet the time/temperature/size specifications and regulatory requirements.
Preparation of the shipping documents, including Dangerous Goods Declarations.
We also manage your courier service with our partner freight forwards brokers, with location points in all major cities on the planet.
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